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escort i helsingborg free sexvideos

Markup Language /pre HyperText Markup Language html entities pre parses html entities. For example, with Tidy enabled, br, /br, br/,. Markup Renders as left to right left to right bdi left to right /bdi left to right Support: Firefox, Chrome bdo bdo. Lang: primary language for the contents of the element per. Markup Renders as table border1 tr td data /td td data /td /tr /table data data Attributes: table : Allowed but not recommended: border" and border"1" Allowed but obsolete: border (with a non-empty value different from "1 align, bgcolor, cellpadding, cellspacing, frame, rules, summary, width.

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Populär juridiska bordeller ansikte sittande The MediaWiki software automatically adds the xml:lang attribute whenever lang is defined, but xml:lang will no longer be passed when included as a separate attribute. b formats text stylistically offset from other text (bold) without conveying amatör porr sverige porr grattis extra importance. ol represents an ordered list;.
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Prostate torture with two hands free orgasm! (2 hands free prostate orgasm). cite contains the title of a work. kbd indicates user input such as keyboard input or voice commands. (obsolete) is used to center text elements. In MediaWiki, pre is actually a parser tag and not html, but the function is the same. Markup Renders as s HyperText Markup Language /s HyperText Markup Language Templates: strikethrough samp samp. sub formats a span of text as a subscript. u represents a span of text offset from its surrounding content without conveying any extra emphasis or importance, and for which the conventional typographic presentation is underlining; for example, a span of text in Chinese that is a proper name (a Chinese proper name mark. Markup Renders as h1 Heading 1 /h1 h2 Heading 2 /h2 h3 Heading 3 /h3 h4 Heading 4 /h4 h5 Heading 5 /h5 h6 Heading 6 /h6 Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 3 Heading 4 Heading 5 Heading 6 Wikimarkup: surround the text with the. Markup Renders as code HyperText Markup Language /code HyperText Markup Language Templates: code uses syntaxhighlight. samp indicates sample output from a program or computing system. Markup Renders as strong HyperText Markup Language /strong HyperText Markup Language Templates: strong sub Further information: WP:subscript sub. Attributes without values are given the name as value. Markup Renders as data value" " html for Dummies /data html for Dummies Attributes: value del del. This is another paragraph in the same item. Crlf2 adds a true carriage return and line feed. Html5 elements, or tags and their thaimassage trollhättan clubwear kläder attributes, for presentation formatting. q is used to mark a short"tion. Markup Renders as HyperText sub Markup Language /sub HyperText Markup Language Templates: sub (subscript text) subsub (subscript subscript text) ssub (subscript, small text) sup (superscript text) su (superscript subscript text) sup sub (textsup sub) e (1.23104) sup Further information: WP:supscript sup. Lists Further information: Help:List and MOS:list Do not leave blank lines between items in a list unless there is a reason to do so, since this causes the MediaWiki software to interpret each item as beginning a new list. ul represents an unordered list;. No formatting is applied when this tag is used.

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