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threat of isis? The experts are almost unanimous in their extreme dissatisfaction with their governments responses to the many challenges they face. State Department, World Bank). "Arab Millennial is a great initiative, bringing next-generation analysis and discussion of the Arab world and its diaspora. Although most of the experts lack formal economics training, there is a significant overlap of their views about economic and political governance. Commit to democracy, stop political hypocrisy, and stop political and financial support for authoritarian regimes. The results were drawn from answers from 336 gender experts invited to participate in an online survey by the foundation, the philanthropic arm of the news and information company Thomson Reuters, in August and September. A law was enacted in 2009 to improve the living conditions of low-income women.


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Victims often dont report rape, fearing they will be tried for adultery. It has regressed significantly over the last 20 years. Trends in the Arab World Questionnaire What are the three most important challenges facing contemporary Arab societies? Tunisian male Question 11 Political pluralism is a concept which values diversity in a society and which permits the peaceful coexistence of different interests, beliefs, and lifestyles. Women hold only 3 percent of seats in the national parliament. How will the demographic changes caused by the Middle East refugee crises affect the region in the decade to come? To what extend do you support or oppose the Saud King's decision to appoint his son Mohammed bin Salman as the new Crown Prince? The poll assessed violence against women, reproductive rights, treatment of women within the family, their integration into society and attitudes towards a womans role in politics and the economy. Nearly two-thirds explicitly oppose any governance role for militaries. Four women sit on the 22-member cabinet of the Federal National Council. Nonetheless, their focus on authoritarianism, governance, and accountability, even in the face of acute terrorist threats and burgeoning regional conflicts, is an important reminder that the crisis of legitimacy facing Arab states remains highly resonant today. Which of the following events or developments that took place in the last 10 years in your view has had the biggest impact on the Arab world? The experts views are complex and often contradictory. The relationship is based on fear and terror, and the implicit rejection of authority by the vast majority of citizens. In answering this question and elsewhere in the survey, a number of experts cite educational deficiencies as facilitating radicalization. It is comprehensive and accessible to the people. Thinking specifically about isis, over the past year, do you think isis has become stronger, weaker or neither? Egyptian male, eliminate intelligence on citizens and corruption. Jordanian female Religion and Governance Religious practices and authority. 1,700 women were raped in camps for internally displaced people in 2012. (Sources: World Bank, Refugees International, Freedom House). Despite stirrings of progress, the kingdoms guardianship system severely limits womens freedoms. Questions 5 and 6 Do you think representative democracy expert arab daska i södertälje is a suitable form of government for your country? Algeria Algeria ranked badly for gender discrimination in the workplace and political participation by women.

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