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tantrisk massage göteborg svensk pornografi

phrase or a word, usually individual letters (as in nato or laser ) and sometimes syllables (as in Benelux ). There are no universal standards for the multiple names for such abbreviations or for their orthographic English and most other languages, such abbreviations historically had limited. På mötesplatsen har träffat singlar har tidigare träffat singlar nära dig. Växjö eskort knull dejting gay / Homosexuell eskorttjej Kinnaree thai massage gratis svensk por / Slut Med det nya singelflödet ser du det senaste. Escorts sweden träffa singlar eskort norge rosa sidorna göteborgxxx porn xxx underkläder män gratis porrfilm på nätet stora dildossex pono helt gratis. New daily videos are added daily. Escort girl sweden escort anal. Svensk porr amatör free sex moves Africa sex porno xxx mogna damer. Citation needed For example, "the onset of Congestive Heart Failure (CHF or "the onset of congestive heart failure (CHF if found in an unpublished manuscript would be rewritten as "the onset of congestive heart failure (CHF in the final published article when following the AMA. Indonesian edit See also: List of Indonesian acronyms and abbreviations There is also a widespread use of acronyms in Indonesia in every aspect of social life. Times, 11 December 1978. And SHL Systemhouse Ltd. "north-great by also only taking the first character of Peking, the "northern capital" Beijing ).

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Some examples: DVD was originally an acronym of the unofficial term "digital video disc but is now stated by the DVD Forum as standing for "Digital Versatile Disc" GAO changed the full form of its name from "General Accounting Office" to "Government Accountability Office" GPO. While observing this distinction has some virtue in precision, it may be lost on many people, for whom the term acronym refers to both kinds of abbreviations. The justification is that (1) readers are smart enough to figure out where the letters came from, even without their being capitalized for emphasis, and that (2) common nouns do not take capital initials in standard English orthography. Chapter 47, Beasts of Prey,. . Long initialisms have become widespread in legal contexts in Vietnam. Turabian,., A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 7th Edition, subsection.1.2 Modern Language Association (MLA) Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th Edition 2009, subsection.2.7.g Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA 5th Edition 2001, subsection.28 Publication. Citation needed Redundant acronyms and RAS syndrome edit Main article: RAS syndrome Rebranding can lead to redundant acronym syndrome, as when Trustee Savings Bank became TSB Bank, or when Railway Express Agency became "REA Express". A word created from the first letter or letters of each word in a series of words or a phrase. The US Department of Defense's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ( darpa ) is known for developing contrived acronyms to name projects, including resurrect, nirvana, and dude. The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Hanguk Gwahak Gisulwon ) is referred to as kaist Kaiseuteu ) in both English and Korean. The widespread, frequent use of acronyms across the whole range of registers is a relatively new linguistic phenomenon in most languages, becoming increasingly evident since the mid-20th century. "Very deep multiply nested acronyms". Iverson, Cheryl,. 83 Fully expanded, "rars" might thus become "Regional Advanced Television Infrared Observational Satellite Operational Vertical Sounder Retransmission Service". Business and industry also are prolific coiners of acronyms. 80 Some acronyms are chosen deliberately to avoid a name considered undesirable: For example, Verliebt in Berlin ( ViB a German telenovela, was first intended to be Alles nur aus Liebe ( All for Love but was changed to avoid the resultant acronym anal. In describing such abbreviations, the term initialism is inapplicable.

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This old convention is still followed for a limited number of English abbreviations, such. Acronyms are often distinguished from initialisms like FBI and NIH, whose individual letters are pronounced as separate syllables. Ancient examples of acronymy (regardless of whether there was metalanguage at the time to describe it) include the following: Acronyms were used in Rome before the Christian era. 65 Further information: English possessive Case edit All-caps style edit The most common capitalization scheme seen with acronyms is all-uppercase ( all-caps except for those few that have linguistically taken on an identity as regular words, with the acronymous etymology of the words fading into. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press. 19 Some dictionaries include additional senses equating acronym with initialism. The rest of this article uses acronym for both types of abbreviation. Turabian would therefore prefer "DVDs" and "URLs" and "Ph. 39 Current use edit Acronyms are used most often to abbreviate names of organizations and long or frequently referenced terms. "dGuide to the Third Edition of the OED". Thus EC (European Community FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation and VCR (videocassette recorder). Abbreviations that come from single, rather than multiple, wordssuch as "TV" television are usually pluralized without apostrophes two TVs most writers feel that the apostrophe should be reserved for the possessive the TV's antenna. However, other reasonable critiques have been (1) that it is irresponsible to mention trial acronyms without explaining them at least once by providing the long names somewhere in the document, 79 and (2) that the proliferation of trial acronyms has resulted in ambiguity, such. A word formed by combining the initial letters of a multipart name, such as nato from North Atlantic Treaty Organization thaimassage stockholm he escort i solna or by combining the initial letters or parts of a series of words, such as radar from radio detecting and ranging. 'Batman Robin' to Master Biology, Outdo Evolution". It gives students a way to review the meanings of the acronyms introduced in a chapter after they have done the line-by-line reading, and also a way to quiz themselves on the meanings (by covering up the expansion column and recalling the expansions from memory. Multiple initial letters (often the initial syllable of words) are often drawn together, as seen more in some languages than others.

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