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Trans eskort stockholm äldre kåta damer

trans eskort stockholm äldre kåta damer

"Material challenged or likely to be challenged, and all"tions, must be attributed to a reliable, published source." Cohen, Noam (August 9, 2011). Jimmy Wales changed the world with Wikipedia, the hugely popular online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Bertelsmann did not resort to euphemism this week when it announced the end of the Brockhaus encyclopedia brand. Rosenzweig also criticized the "wafflingencouraged by the npov policywhich means that it is hard to discern any overall interpretive stance in Wikipedia history". The Journal of Military History. "Meet the 'bots' that edit Wikipedia". 228 The software incorporates programming features such as a macro language, variables, a transclusion system for templates, and URL redirection. Marmow Shaw, Jessica (December 10, 2015). 52 The October 22, 2013, essay by Tom Simonite in MIT's Technology Review titled "The Decline of Wikipedia" discussed the effect of systemic bias and policy creep on the downward trend in the number of editors. Retrieved February 25, 2019. trans eskort stockholm äldre kåta damer Archived from the original on September 22, 2013. 258 The gfdl was created for software manuals that come with free software programs licensed under the GPL. Anderson, Nate (May 2, 2008). Access to content Content licensing When the project was started in 2001, all text in Wikipedia was covered by the GNU Free Documentation License (gfdl a copyleft license permitting the redistribution, creation of derivative works, and commercial use of content while authors retain copyright. Comedian Stephen Colbert has parodied or referenced Wikipedia on numerous episodes of his show The Colbert Report and coined the related term wikiality, meaning "together we can create a reality that we all agree onthe reality we just agreed on".


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"The Wisdom of the Chaperones". London Review of Books. Retrieved June 5, 2016. Archived from the original on September 15, 2008. Revisions with libelous content, criminal threats, or copyright infringements may be removed completely. Derakhshan, Hossein (October 19, 2017). "whois domain registration information results for wikipedia. (Open access) Rosenzweig, Roy. The first of these was the 1986 BBC Domesday Project, which included text (entered on BBC Micro computers) and photographs from over 1 million contributors in the UK, and covered the geography, art, and culture of the. Retrieved March 9, 2013. Retrieved October 13, 2007. 145 No comment was made concerning which of the differentiated edit policy standards from Wikipedia in other languages (non-English Wikipedia) would provide a possible alternative to English Wikipedia for effectively ameliorating substantial editor attrition rates on the English-language Wikipedia. The Cult of the Amateur. Retrieved July 30, 2013. "Local Points Of Interest In Wikipedia". Archived from the original on May 15, 2017. "The worry is that, if you can get all that information from Wikipedia, what's left for biography?" said Kathryn Hughes, professor of life writing at UEA and author of The Short Life and Long Times of Mrs Beeton and George Eliot: the Last Victorian. Retrieved March 7, 2008. trans eskort stockholm äldre kåta damer

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